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it’s not about us, it’s all about you!

Cornwall IT’s approach is simple, your success is our success!

We will always strive to give our clients exceptional customer service, but this of course should be standard for any IT firm.

What sets us apart from the rest is our desire to build a long-term relationship with you as our client, to listen to your concerns, to help you feel confident that your systems are protected making your business productive.

We have offices in Cornwall and London which serve our clients in both areas.


Our Values

We Listen

Sadly we’ve had many clients join us because they haven’t received the level of service they deserve from their previous IT firm. Its our aim to listen to our clients concerns and help them. We are always striving to improve the customer service experience of our clients and listening to our clients is the best way we can achive this.

No Jargon

We keep things simple and understandable. We realise that although you are experts in your industry you may not be experts in IT so won’t bore you with painful technical terms! Even if we explain something to a client but they still don’t quite understand, we will take the time to make sure they do!

We are Flexible

We will of course provide our clients with terms and conditions for the services we offer but we like to be flexible with those terms for the benefit of our clients. So if you need a small piece of work completed on your website, we won’t charge you! If you send us a message out of hours we will aim to respond as quickly as possible without charge.

We want Long-Term Relationships

Our goal is to keep our clients as long-term partners. Its true that we could make more money as a business by charging our clients for every small piece of work and just doing the bare minimum but this is not who we are! We want to keep all our clients for the long-term and this relationship is what drives the decisions we make as a business. 

A message from our director

Aaron Nihat

Aaron Nihat

Director of Cornwall IT Ltd

“My family and I moved from London to Cornwall because we fell in love with the beaches, the food, the people, and the life down here! We’ve not looked back since!

Prior to moving to Cornwall I spent around 20 years working in London with some of the biggest firms in the world including Moody’s Investors Service, Alcatel, and Freshfields. All leaders in their respective markets.

The vast experience I have accumulated in Information Technology and Customer Service has helped develop Cornwall IT into a support company that listens to our clients and provides leading technologies that are secure and cost effective.

We look forward to working with new clients and helping them to move their business to the next level!”

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Cornwall IT are serious about your privacy. Any information we collect will strictly be used in relation to the services you requested from us. We will never share your data with anyone else. Any data you provide will be held under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in line with our Privacy Policy