Data Backup

Backups are often overlooked by many businesses or the backup solution in place is inadequate. Many businesses think their backups are working but never perform appropriate testing to confirm this.

Please take our Backup and Restore Questionnaire to see how your company is performing:

  • Do you currently backup your data?
  • Do you hold a copy of your backup onsite as well as offsite?
  • Do you regularly test your backup and restore process?
  • Could you restore your data quickly in an emergency?
  • Is your backup solution compliant with the new GDPR regulation coming into effect May 2018?

If you have answered NO to any of the above questions, please contact us to see how we can help!

Cornwall IT offer the following Backup services:

SecurityOnsite backup
SecurityOffsite backup – Cloud solution (extra cost) or via our data centre (included in monthly fee)
SecurityRegular backup and restore testing
SecurityBackup data encrypted to comply with the new GDPR regulations
SecurityAll types of data backed up – Day-to-day server data, SQL databases, Exchange e-mails etc
Security“Bare-Metal” backups which allow for faster system restores
Disaster Recovery plan

Offsite Backups

Every business should have a copy of their backups offsite for data protection purposes. With Cornwall IT, you can choose an offsite solution with one of our Cloud Partners, although this will come with an additional cost. Alternatively you can choose to keep a copy of your backup offsite at our data centre which comes free* as part of your monthly fee. Please see the other services included in our Managed Service package. Our data centre complies with the new GDPR regulations for encrypting data.

*We offer FREE backup for the first 250GB of Data.

Regular Backup & Restore Testing

Backups and restores are only useful when they work! We offer the full backup and restore plan which includes running tests on your backup and restore processes. This includes restoring your data to an independent environment and reporting this back to you so you have peace of mind that your backups are functioning correctly.


Disaster Recovery Plan

We will help you build a disaster recover plan, so in the event of a disaster that prevents you from accessing your office, there will be a step-by-step plan in place to get your business and employees up and running as quickly as possible.


Backup Solutions Catered to your Budget

Cornwall IT can help keep your backup solution simple and affordable. We charge a monthly fee which is based on your businesses requirements and how quickly you need data recovered and the amount of data you need backed up.

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