London it support

London IT Support

Although we have an office located in London, our headquarters are located in Cornwall, this means our operating costs are significantly lower than an IT Support companies located in and around London. What does this mean for our London based clients? Lower rates on remote IT support and onsite IT support! Need London IT Support services for your business and thinking of renewing your IT contract, find out how much you can save by going with Cornwall IT Ltd! For IT Support in London, contact us today.

How can we help your business?

Unlimited IT Support

We’ve a set monthly fee and no hidden charges, you will have unlimited access to our Helpdesk Team to resolve and answer any issues you face. We also include discounted rates on onsite support and project work. As our headquarters is located in Cornwall we can offer better rates than many London based IT firms. 

Detailed IT Roadmap

For our Business IT Support customers we will assess where you currently are as a business in terms of IT Infrastructure, your Cyber Security and provide you with a detailed audit of your systems and what we would recommend you need to implement to keep your business productive and secure. At the start you may have a lot of red showing on the audit, but as we progress through your roadmap those reds will turn to green!

24/7 Monitoring

We will monitor your Servers and Workstations, keeping them up to date and protected. We are often alerted to any potential issues and are working on a resolution before you even know about it!

Agreed Response Times

As a Managed IT Support customer, we will agree response times for any issues in the form of Service Level Agreements. The response times are usually the worse-case scenario, in most cases we will answer and deal with any issues immediately.

FREE Cyber Security Audit

All our Managed IT Support customers are given a FREE Cyber Security Audit. This will highlight any vulnerabilities in your IT Infrastructure and what’s needed to plug those vulnerabilities. With our Cyber Essentials accreditation, you can be confident that you’re safe hands.
Our Managed IT Support package not for you? Why not contact us about our Pay As You Go IT Support?

We use modern innovative technology

As a modern and innovative IT Support provider, we only use modern innovative technology which enables us to save money for our clients! For example, we’ve replaced old onsite servers and used a product call JumpCloud to provide user control and workstation security. Read about our case study here on the JumpCloud website.

Vendor Management

If you host your Website elsewhere, pay another vendor for your Office 365 licenses, or have bespoke software which includes Vendor support, we will liaise with those vendors directly to save you acting as the middle-man.

Virtual IT Director

We will act as your virtual IT director and work with you to give you different options for your future IT Infrastructure. We will create a Technology Roadmap inline with your business needs and work with you to achieve your goals.

We help achieve Cyber Essentials

If you need to show your clients that you take Cyber Security seriously, a Cyber Essentials certification could be the next step. We help clients achieve Cyber Essentials. Not sure what Cyber Essentials is? Read more about it here.

Managed London IT Support Services - At a Glance

  • Unlimited IT Support from our Helpdesk Team
  • FREE Cyber Security Audit
  • FREE Guidance on GDPR Compliance
  • Preventive Maintenance and Updates
  • Out of Hours Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Agreed Response Times
  • Priority Support over Non-Managed Support Customer
  • Regular Onsite Visits
  • Vendor Management
  • Virtual IT Director
  • Discounts on Other IT Services
  • No Hidden Costs

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