12 Reasons to use iZettle for Card Payments

Losing customers who don’t have cash?
Need a card system to catch impulse buyers?
Not sure how to implement a pay-by-card system?

You may be a business selling on a market stall, you have a customer who’s interesting in purchasing an item but they don’t have any cash on them. You may direct them to the nearest cash point, but you never see them again. Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just missed out on a sales opportunity!

There have been studies that suggest that a business can increase their revenue by more than 15% just by accepting card payments! Do you want a card payment system, but not sure where to start?

Cornwall IT can help you get Setup!

Cornwall IT have researched a number of card payment systems on the market and have taken into account various factors such as cost, inventory management, sale stats, ability to create stronger customer relations, amongst other things. From our research we feel the best card payment system out there at the moment is the iZettle reader. The differences in services offered sets the iZettle reader apart from many of their competitors.

Our Service Includes:

Security Initial meeting to discuss iZettle features, online portal, and any questions you have
Security Setup your iZettle account and order your iZettle reader
Security One month FREE support (remote and onsite)
Security Inventory / products setup
Security iZettle setup once it arrives
Security Present on Day 1 of using your iZettle (optional extra)
Security Additional on-going monthly support (optional extra)


The Problem with most Card readers

The problem with traditional card payment systems that are often used in a local coffee shop or restaurant is that they are very basic! You put your card in, the transaction amount is entered and payment is then taken, you are given a small printed receipt that you’ll you will most likely throw away. There’s no real interaction, no record of who your customer was, and businesses pay a lot of money for the use of these card services!

Introducing the iZettle – Sell Smarter!

izettle card paymentsFirst things first, iZettle do not charge a monthly fee for using their iZettle reader. They simply take  small percentage of each transaction you make. This fee varies depending on how many payments you take on your iZettle reader. You can find out what transaction fees you would be charged based on your monthly card payments from the iZettle website.

Also to mention, the iZettle works with your mobile devices so all you need is either a 3G signal or a WiFi connection and you’re ready to go!

So what sets the iZettle apart from the competition? Read the following 12 reasons why we think its a better overall package than its competitors!

12 Reasons to Choose the iZettle

  1. No monthly fees or contracts

    Yes that’s right, no monthly fees are charged by iZettle and your not tied in to any sort of contract! iZettle make there money from you by charging a small percentage of each transaction.

  2. Charges decrease with increased monthly use

    The more money you make each month, the less fees you need to pay to iZettle, in fact their transaction fee can drop right down to as little as 1%.

  3. Easy-to-use Apple & Android apps

    Although the app is full of features, its so simple and easy to use, and quick to start up! Once setup, it takes less than 10 seconds to switch the iZettle reader on, open the app and be ready to take a card payment!

  4. Great Payment Selection

    iZettle accepts card payments from: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and contactless. So quite a selection.

  5. You only need a mobile with signal (edge, 3G etc) or Wifi Connection

    A lot of card payment systems need to be connected to a landline or they have an internal SIM card, iZettle simply uses the processing power and internet connection of your mobile.

  6. iZettle currently offer their card reader for £25 + VAT (Usually £59+VAT)

    To claim this offer, visit the iZettle website

    izettle offer

  7. Sales Analytics Tools

    Your online iZettle portal will show you your sales stats which include your top selling products which may help when planning your inventory. You may choose to slightly raise the price of your top selling products to increase your profit margin, or slightly decrease low selling products that aren’t selling well? For more detailed statistics – download the Excel report to see insights such as sales figures divided per staff member and sales per product.

  8. Card reader long battery life

    The Card reader charges via a USB cable or through the dock (purchased separately). Charge times are around 1-2 hours. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours or 100 transactions.

  9. Fast payments and processing

    iZettle will automatically deposit your funds the next business day after the payment transaction date. You’ll receive an email notification when deposits have been made and can also view deposits and other account information via the iZettle portal.

  10. Setup your inventory to make taking payments easier

11. Email or text receipts to customers

To send a receipt via email, simply let your customer enter his or her email address and click on “Done”. The receipt is then sent via email to your customer’s inbox. The same applies for texting a receipt.

12. Marketing: Build stronger customer relationship!

One of the best ways to grow your business is creating relationships with your customers. With iZettle, you simple ask the customer to add their email address so you can send them their receipt and afterwards you can export your customer list to excel via your iZettle portal. Then use an email marketing program to send email to your Customers.

If you would like to speak with Cornwall IT about implementing a card reader for your business, please call us on 01326 336332 or fill out the form below:

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