PC & Server Management

Your business Computers or Servers are one of the most critical pieces of IT infrastructure. Think of how much it would cost your business if your Computers or Servers went down for even a few hours.

Cornwall IT provide full support for your Computers and Servers. We can manage and troubleshoot hardware and software issues both remotely as well as onsite.

Computer Support

As our client we will support all your desktop and laptop computers in the following ways:

SecurityAntivirus, end-point security, and malware protection
SecurityPerformance improvement health-check
SecurityComputer hardware upgrades
SecurityRecommending Software to improve your business
SecurityBackup of your data



Every small business needs a server to help business efficiency. Servers can assist in the following ways: PC & Server Management

SecurityCentral location for storing data
SecurityNetwork security and virus management
Centralised backup
Remote working / work from anywhere
Resource sharing


Cornwall IT offer the following services for your servers:

SecurityRemote performance monitoring – Our monitoring tools will alert us to rectify any issues on your servers before they become major incidents
SecurityKeep your servers up to date with the latest virus and security definitions
SecurityImplementing new server technology
SecurityWe offer a FREE backup solution for all your data. This is included in our monthly fee.

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